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Belt Pattern Meaning/Philosophy
white belt
18 moves
Songahm 1 "Pure and without knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo."
This is when the seed is planted and nourished by the student and instructor to develop strong roots.
orange belt
23 moves
Songahm 2 "The sun is beginning to rise."
As with the morning's dawn, only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power. The beginning student sees the beauty of the art of taekwondo but has yet experienced the power in the technique.
yellow belt
28 moves
Songahm 3 "The seed is beginning to see the sunlight."
The student begins to understand the basics of Taekwondo.
camo belt
31 moves
Songahm 4 "The sapling is hidden amongst the taller pines and must fight its way upwards."
The student begins to realize his/her place in the world's martial art. The student must now begin to spar in order to be promoted in rank.
green belt
34 moves
Songahm 5 "The pine tree is beginning to develop and grow in strength."
The student's technique is developing power. The components of the basic techniques are beginning to work in unison.
white belt
44 moves
InWha 1 "Coming to the mountain. The tree is in mid-growth and now the path becomes steep."
The student has crossed over into a higher level of Songahm Taekwondo. The techniques, forms and level of sparring beome more difficult, creating a "mountain" that must be overcome.
blue belt
42 moves
InWha 2 "The tree reaches for the sky towards new heights."
Having passed the mid-way point, the student focuses his/her energy upwards toward black belt.
brown belt
44 moves
CHOONG JUNG 1 "All things turn out perfect and beautiful. The tree is firmly rooted in the earth."
At this point the student has mastered the basics and developed deep roots in taekwondo.
red belt
46 moves
CHOONG JUNG 2 "The sun is setting. The first phase of growth has been accomplished."
The first day (the period of time from white to red belt) of growth is coming to an end. The physical skill has been developed, but lacks control; therefore, physical and mental discipline must now be achieved.
rec. black belt
46 moves
CHOONG JUNG 2 "The dawn of a new day. The sun breaks through the darkness."
The previous day has ended giving way to a new dawn. The student must begin a new phase of training; that of being a black belt.
black belt
81 moves
1st degree BB "Planting seeds for the future."
Interpretation is a new role of loyalty through physical and mental training.
black belt
82 moves
2nd degree BB "With your noble character, you will develop a new permanence in your life."

Songahm Star

What is the Songahm Star?

The "Songahm Star" is the pattern that is formed on the ground if all 18 forms of the Songahm system are completed. In a perfect Songahm Star, the distance from the center point of the star to the top point is nine feet ("feet" being the student's foot length). The total distance from the top point to the bottom point equals 18 feet, representing the number of forms in the Songahm system.

Monthly Lifeskills While training in Songahm Taekwondo, each student focuses not only on the physical skills he or she must learn, but also on important skills that will help lead to personal success in life. Learning these Life Skills are just as important as breaking boards or kicking high. At Yee's ATA Black Belt Academy "Character Counts"! What good is physical fitness and the ability to defend yourself if you aren't prepared to live your life and be successful while doing so.

The program has even more of a positive impact when parents discuss and reinforce the monthly themes at home with their children. Students of all ages should remember to say the word of the month when you enter or leave the school or workout area (after bowing) as well as after bowing to the parents at the beginning and end of class. For your convenience, we've listed the monthly Life Skills for the entire year below.

  • January - GOALS
  • February - COURTESY
  • March - LOYALTY
  • April - GOALS
  • May - RESPECT
  • June - ATTITUDE
  • July - GOALS
  • September - HONOR
  • October - GOALS
  • November - SELF-CONTROL
  • December - INTEGRITY

Victory Patches & Stars

Blue Victory Patch In addition to monthly themes, our system includes the unique victory patch. Karate Kids and Tiny Tigers (ages 3-12) are awarded special "Victory Stars" in one of four colors for outstanding performance in karate class, school, home or at a tournament competition.

Awarded for outstanding performance at school, significant improvement, straight A's, and Honor Roll. Your child may turn in a "School Worksheet", filled out and signed by the child's teacher, on the 2nd and 4th week of each month. It is designed to reinforce and create good behavior and study habits when they are at school. Your child will receive 1 GOLD STAR for a total of four check marks in the "excellent" or "improving" categories. Print out the School Worksheet by following the link below.

Print a School Worksheet, then use your browser's back button to return to Yee's Virtual Dojo

Awarded for great work at home. Each week your child may turn in a "Activity Worksheet". Included on this form are things like making their bed, practicing taekwondo at home, demonstrating the monthly theme, and using good manners. There are also three blank "Parent's Choice" spaces, where you can fill in an appropriate activity of your choosing, such as helping to set the table or washing the car for grandpa. Ten completed activities earns 1 BLUE STAR. Print out the Activity Worksheet by following the link below.

Print an Activity Worksheet, then use your browser's back button to return to Yee's Virtual Dojo

Awarded for tournament participation. After a tournament, students may bring their trophies to class where they will be displayed in front of the class for a few days. Karate Kids and Tiny Tigers will be given 1 RED STAR for their courage, dedication and tournament participation.

These stars are considered special performance awards. They are given out at the discretion of Mr. and Mrs. Yee. One way to earn 1 SILVER STAR is to do community service. Yee's ATA Black Belt Academy participates in Modesto's N.E.A.T. (Neighborhood Environmental Action Team) Program. We have officially adopted Sonoma Park on Orangeburg Ave. (just a short distance from the school). Once a month, usually on a Saturday after taekwondo classes, we meet at the park and all pitch in to clean it up. We provide everything to to the job right - gloves, trash grabbers, and plenty of bags - all you need to do is show up and sign in. It's a great activity for families to do together, demonstrating to your kids the importance of giving back to the community.

Four different colored Victory Patches are available to accommodate all the stars that can be earned by a high achieving Karate Kid. When you have accumulated the correct number of stars for each patch, turn in your patch to Mrs. Yee. Mr. Yee will then present you with the next level patch during a future class.

0-24 Stars

25-49 Stars

50-99 Stars

100+ Stars

Korean/English Translations
Bahro - End
Chah-reot - Attention
Keu-mahm - Stop
Jhoonbee - Ready
Ki-hap - Yell
Kyeong-neh - Bow
She-jahk - Start
Shi-uh - At ease
Dojang - School
Dobok - Uniform
Poomse - Form
Sahbum nim - Instructor
Taesa nim - Master
Baubsa nim - Senior Master
Jongsa nim - Chief Master
Saboo nim - Grand Master
What's the meaning of the Yee's school patch?
Yee's school patch graphic

Long yu Feng

The Dragon is considered the supreme spiritual power. He represents wisdom and strength. Dragons symbolize excellence, boldness, nobility and perseverance. A Dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic intelligent & ambitious. (Lung/Loong - Emperor)

The Phoenix is the symbol for beauty, high virtue, grace of power and prosperity. She represents the union of Yin & Yang. Only people of high moral value and importance are allowed to display the phoenix design. The Phoenix is a gentle creature alighting so gently that it crushes nothing and is believed to eat only bamboo seeds and drink the sweetest of dewdrops. (Feng Huang - Empress)


Yin & Yang is the perspective of balance and continual change. Yin & Yang are dependant opposites that must always be in balance with each other. The opposites flow in a natural cycle always replacing each other, continually interacting and creating change. Summer, which is Yang, gives way to winter, which is Yin. Darkness becomes light and light becomes darkness.

The Golden rings are a symbolism for Infinity and Eternity.

The phoenix's tail displays all of the belt colors that represent your journey to Black Belt. In the Asian culture when the Dragon and Phoenix are together, it is a representation of Unity or Wedded Bliss.

What are the Student Oaths


As Taekwondo Event Begins:

"Sir / Mam
I will practice in the Spirit of Taekwondo,
with Courtesy for fellow students,
Loyalty for my instructor,
and Respect for my juniors and seniors,
...Sir / Mam!"

As Taekwondo Event Ends:

"Sir / Mam
I shall live with Perseverance in the Spirit of Taekwondo,
having Honor with others,
Integrity within myself,
and Self Control in my actions,
...Sir / Mam!"

Tiny Tiger Oath

"I promise to be a good person
With knowledge in the mind,
Honesty in the heart,
Strength in the body,
And to make good friends!"

Academy Courtesy and Student Etiquette

  • Students and instructors will bow to the flags each time they enter or leave the classroom area to demonstrate respect to the instructors and fellow students.
  • If students are late for class, they should ask permission to enter class. Permission must be obtained to leave the classroom for any reason.
  • All students must turn in their tracking card for each class.
  • Students will respond "Yes/No, Sir or Ma'am" in conversation with instructors, stand respectfully and address them by their last name and proper title.
  • Students will turn away from instructor or opponent when adjusting uniform or belt.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically, however, they are to avoid unnecessary conversation.
  • No student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student without permission from the supervising instructor.
  • A clean uniform is imperative in each class as a reflection of the student's pride.
  • Only white shoes (sneakers or martial arts shoes) may be worn to/from class with your uniform, workout clothes, or ATA warm-ups. This rule also applies to tournaments. Sandals are unacceptable. Before entering class, store shoes neatly in the shoe storage area.
  • Female students must wear a white T-shirt under their uniform.
  • Students will not wear shoes on the workout floor.
  • No jewelry shall be worn in class except for a wedding ring.
  • All belts should be tied to hang evenly, as one side represents the mind and the other side represents the body.
  • Students may not engage in free-sparring without all proper gear and direct supervision of an instructor.
  • There will be no use of profanity on the school premises at any time.
  • Permission of the student's instructor is required before a student may attend another ATA school or martial arts function.
  • High ranking visitors to the class should be greeted with appropriate respect; if class is in session, all members should immediately stop and bow.
  • Students, parents and guests will not converse with any person involved in a class session without permission from the instructor.
  • School owner is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Testing Courtesy and Information Our testings are generally held on Friday evening and Saturday. Children who are testing will remain in the dojang during testing. For their safety, children who are not testing are not allowed to be outside without adult supervision.

Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before testing begins. All students line up by rank before testing. When a student arrives after line up, everyone must move to make room for that person. This tends to make line up chaotic, so please make sure your child arrives early.

Students must be dressed in a clean and pressed regulation uniform with the correct belt. Ladies need to have a clean white t-shirt under their dobok. Men wear their dobok only. No jewelry is to be worn except wedding rings (please make sure the setting will not cause injury to you or your fellow students).

Spectators are welcome at testing, but they must be quiet and non-interruptive during the proceedings, including remaining seated until the testing is over unless they have to use the rest room or have a child that may need care. Students can be distracted by movement, loud talking or laughter from spectators in the audience making testing difficult. Please try to keep your movement and talking to a minimum so students can concentrate on their material. Because our testings are long, you might want to make alternative arrangements for babies or small children who might be come restless during testing. Children who can sit quietly are always welcome.

Courtesy to other students includes being quiet and attentive as fellow students test. Enthusiastic positive encouragement is permitted from students during the sparring portion of the test - please remember to be supportive of everyone testing.

A student who is scheduled to test, but finds himself unable to attend, should notify the instructor before testing begins.

Students who are testing remain with the group until the testing is complete.

Students who are attending the testing as spectators will stand at attention and recite the Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo, whether or not in uniform.

Students must ask permission from an Instructor or Junior Leader to use the restroom or get a drink of water.

No student is allowed to wait outside. They must stay inside until they are picked up. We are very strict about this. Please understand that the students safety is our major concern.

Taekwondo is for families!
  • Make sure your children attend class on a regular basis - at least two times a week.

  • Give them that extra push sometimes to come to class. It is very normal for them to get involved in playing and not want to come at times. Once they are here they have forgotten all about playing and are enjoying themselves.

  • It is natural for students to experience some highs and lows in their training. Remember that all children have different abilities and learn at different speeds. When new material is presented, they may appear to have difficulty remembering. If your child seems a little discouraged, try to be patient with them. They are being taught perseverance. As a parent, praise them when they do well and don't put too much emphasis on their not understanding something. We are aware of what they do and do not know and we will help them. You can also encourage them to practice at home.

  • If your child wants to show you the material they have learned, watch them. They may not always be in the mood to show you when you ask them, so be ready to praise them when the opportunity arises.

  • Don't say anything negative in front of them about their performance. Too many negative comments produce a negative attitude and low self-esteem. Positive comments will help them perform better and feel good about themselves.

  • If you are concerned about your child's progress, please schedule a time to talk with Mr. Yee. Since all of our classes are scheduled back to back with no break, parent conferences are not possible during class times or in between classes. Our focus is on teaching your child and discussions about your child takes class time away from other students. If there is a reason your child may come to class in a bad mood or feeling down, like a death in the family or loss of a pet, let us know. We certainly don't want to discipline your child (like giving them push ups) for not answering up or not paying attention if they have a good reason for their behavior.

  • Children learn a lot by watching you and your reactions to different situations. You can spend some wonderful quality time with your child in class. Have you ever considered starting martial arts? There are numerous families at Yee's ATA Black Belt Academy that train together. It's great exercise, a super stress reliever, and you'll enjoy a positive shared learning experience with your child.

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